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Bubble Boy

I took my daughter and her nanny to the Thu Le Zoo in Hanoi yesterday. They have this activity set up on the lake where people (mostly kids) climb inside anĀ over-sizedĀ beach ball which is then filled up with air, sealed, and rolled out onto the water. The kids then enjoy bouncing around – but mostly falling down – on the water for about 15 minutes before young men working lakeside pull them back in using a tether.

It all seems like harmless fun, but I would never dream of taking my daughter in one of these. As long as it’s fully inflated, the beach ball is easy for the men to pull back to the edge of the water. But if, god forbid, it started leaking air and/or water started seeping inside, the person would start to sink and would provide considerable drag, making it difficult to pull them back. Not to mention the fact that they’d be sinking in water while fully-wrapped in plastic.


The Hula Hoopist

I took my daughter to a children’s variety show at the Ho Tay Water Park a couple of weekends ago. There was a lot of interesting entertainment: this hula hoopist, some trained dogs, a juggler, and a dancing troupe of little girls to name a few. It was all good fun until a little hip-hop rapper boy came on stage. It wasn’t that his performance was so bad, it’s just that the producers of the show felt that it was a good time to crank the speakers up to concert level. Seeing my daughter’s hands over her ears suggested to me that it was time to go home.