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Eyes on the prize

I’ll be honest with you: I certainly do not love Hanoi. There’s simply too much about it that is vexing – the traffic and reckless drivers being at the top of the list. Without really making an effort, I can spot on a daily basis dozens of motorbikers talking on the phone or sending text messages, whipping full-speed from a side street into traffic, driving down the middle of the road against traffic or – in the case of this couple – driving down the road while looking in an entirely different direction. Indeed, the original intent of this shot was to capture such recklessness. Yet the photo actually turned out rather charming. This is the funny thing about Hanoi – the constant activity, noise, and confusion can be overwhelming, but if one is able to single out moments and briefly focus on them, it is hard for the city to not grow on you in small pieces.

It’s just a shame I couldn’t get sharp focus or this pic would have been a real winner.


Hanoi Traffic (more stress version)

And this isn’t even the worst that it gets…