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Saint Joseph Cathedral in Hanoi

I haven’t been able to post as frequently as I’d like recently. The Korean school semester is approaching its end and I’ve been busy making final exams and tallying performance scores.  And when I actually have had time to post, the Vietnamese government has for some reason decided that WordPress is a threat – forcing me to have to use an IP proxy which even when it works often slows things down incredibly.

At any rate, I decided to take some photos of Saint Joseph Cathedral in the heart of Hanoi a couple of weeks ago. I set up my tripod on the rooftop of a place across the street called Marilyn Cafe before dusk, settled down with a nice glass of iced Vietnamese coffee, and waited for the sun to go down.

This was the second-best location on the rooftop. Unfortunately, the best spot was occupied by a couple of female tourists from Switzerland. Actually, it wasn’t so unfortunate as they were quite pleasant.  And, really, the only issue with this location was that there were some branches from a nearby tree in the frame, which was easily fixable. I just bent the branches back and lodged them behind some others.