About Us

My name is Scott and I am a single father. My daughter’s name is Maia. She (we) have a black cat named Rosie. We currently live in southern California after moving from eastern Washington.

I work in international education at a UC school. I enjoy my line of work. On any given day I might work with students from China, Iran, India, Saudi Arabia, France, Taiwan, South Korea, Brazil, Japan, Vietnam, Great Britain, etc. It’s like traveling around the world from behind my desk.

Speaking of travelling – I’ve done a bit of it. I lived in Germany for two years as a child and while there I had the chance to visit Austria and the Netherlands. As an adult I lived in South Korea for fifteen years, in Vietnam for two, and while in Asia I visited Japan, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Singapore, and Saipan.

Maia is also quite the little traveler for a second grader. In fact, she was born in Hanoi, has lived in both Vietnam and South Korea, and has ridden on airplanes at least a dozen times. I think this background reflects well in her personality. She’s quite mature for her age and can easily adapt to new surroundings.

Rosie hasn’t had any experience traveling abroad yet, but she been down the west coast. She also has a really cool name. Her official name is Rosie Butterfly Shinelight. Maia gave Rosie her name, in case you’re wondering. We adopted Rosie in August 2014. Her name then was “Kitty”, so her new name is a marked improvement.


Our lives and our locations provide the content for this blog, though much of it seems to be clever little things that Maia says, which I have labeled “Maia-isms”. I also add some of my own thoughts from time to time, but I have a feeling they’re not nearly as interesting as Maia’s – or probably even Rosie’s.

We hope you enjoy.


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