Freaky Friday (on a Saturday)

Me: “Hey Maia! Do you want to help me put bows on the tree?”
Maia: “No. I’m watching football.”


Darn you, Google!

Maia: “Papa, today I checked Google and the moon is NOT made out of cheese so you were wrong.”

A new toothbrush

Me: “Hey Maia! Rosie said she wants to brush your teeth. Open your mouth. I’m going to put some toothpaste on her tongue and she’ll lick your teeth.”
Maia: “NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”

Yeah, I’m weird.

History Lesson

Maia: “Papa, did you know George Washington made his wig with sugar?”
Me: “He did, huh? How did he do that?”
Maia: “He put sugar on a normal wig, then he put it in the microwave, then he put it in the refrigerator and then he softened it. Then he put his wig on to give it a try.”

I’m suddenly a little worried about the curriculum of Maia’s school.

Growing Up So Fast

Offering Maia advice on what kids movie she should watch:

Me: Are you sure you want to watch that? It’s probably going to be scary in a little bit.
Maia: You forget that I’m almost seven.

World Geography

Maia made a new friend at dinner last night. The topic of most of their conversation was chocolate.

This morning:

“Papa, can I go to Maria’s house today? I want to bring her some M&Ms because she LOVES chocolate!”
“I don’t know sweetie. I’ll have to send her a text first to see if she’s free. You really like Maria, don’t you? Do you remember what country she’s from?”
“Umm … Burrito?”
“Good guess. It’s Brazil, but you were close.”