Consolation prize

Maia’s definitely been watching too much Let’s Make a Deal. She just beat me in a game of Candyland and then said,

“Don’t worry Papa. We’re not going to let you go home empty-handed.”


Shark food

Maia: “I’m glad I’m a woman. I mean girl.”
Me: “Ha ha. Why do you say that?”
Maia: “Because sharks eat men more than women.”


This morning’s conversation with Maia was about how to call 911 and the appropriate times to do so. After rattling off three good examples of emergencies, Maia then said,

“But you shouldn’t call 911 when you’re having a bad hair day.”

Back in the day

Me: “Be careful you don’t smash your finger in the car door. It seems every kid does it at least once. I did it when I was a kid and it really hurt.”

Maia: “They had cars back then?”