Me (to Maia): “You can never sing a beautiful song too much.”
Me (thinking to myself): “Wow. That sounded sort of profound. Like it might be something she will take with her through life. “
Maia: “Actually, yes you can. That happens to me sometimes.”
Me (thinking to myself): “Okay, maybe it wasn’t so profound.”


Feeling sick as a single parent

It’s rough as a single parent when you’re sick, ’cause the little one needs no less care or attention and doesn’t turn the energy down.

Kudos, Suzanne Somers

Watching Dancing with the Stars with Maia. Maia sees Suzanne Somers say she’s 68 and remarks, and I quote,

“No way. There’s no way she’s 68. I don’t believe her.”

There ya go, Suzanne Somers.

Playing Cinderella

So I’m taking Maia to see Cinderella today and I said,

“Hey Maia! Since we’re going to see the movie today, we should pretend all day that YOU’RE Cinderella.”

Maia excitedly agreed so then I said,

“Great! You can start by cleaning up the living room.”

I thought it was funny but Maia didn’t appreciate my sense of humor.