Me (to Maia): “You can never sing a beautiful song too much.”
Me (thinking to myself): “Wow. That sounded sort of profound. Like it might be something she will take with her through life. “
Maia: “Actually, yes you can. That happens to me sometimes.”
Me (thinking to myself): “Okay, maybe it wasn’t so profound.”


Kudos, Suzanne Somers

Watching Dancing with the Stars with Maia. Maia sees Suzanne Somers say she’s 68 and remarks, and I quote,

“No way. There’s no way she’s 68. I don’t believe her.”

There ya go, Suzanne Somers.

Playing Cinderella

So I’m taking Maia to see Cinderella today and I said,

“Hey Maia! Since we’re going to see the movie today, we should pretend all day that YOU’RE Cinderella.”

Maia excitedly agreed so then I said,

“Great! You can start by cleaning up the living room.”

I thought it was funny but Maia didn’t appreciate my sense of humor.