I am a native of Seattle. I am a sports fan. I love American football. As such, I am a fan of the Seattle Seahawks.

Okay, full disclosure – I’m not actually from Seattle. I spent most of my formative years in Spokane, Washington. However, I did live in Seattle between 1989-91. When I first arrived in Asia in 1995, I always answered the question “Where are you from?” with Spokane, but no one knew where it was so I finally switched it to Seattle. A decade and a half later, it actually feels like I’m from Seattle.

Anyway, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that I love this city. Especially on days like the morning of this shot. I had some time to myself after completing a job interview here yesterday, so I decided to wander around taking photos. My friend starts work at around 6 am in Bellevue, so I asked him to drop me off somewhere close to a bus stop. I snapped a few shots, then hopped on the bus to Seattle’s waterfront at about 7 o’clock, where I took this photo.

I wish the bird was a little more in focus, but overall I think the photo turned out pretty cool. It was actually a reaction shot more than anything – I was looking here and there for interesting scenery when the bird suddenly swooped down on me. I thought it was going to make contact with the camera, but it ended its descent about two feet from my head and flew away.

Did I mention that I’m a huge Seattle Seahawk fan?



Wiggles M&Ms

Maia has taken to calling her M&Ms by the names of The Wiggles characters. For example, yellow is Sam, red is Murray, blue is Anthony (there are no purple M&Ms so the brown one is Jeff). Also, the green one is Dorothy the Dinosaur and the orange one is Captain Feathersword.

So now she’s running up to me proudly exclaiming, “Papa! Papa! I eat Anthony! I eat Dorothy!”